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Hey Friend!

Do you need someone to share your worries with after a stressful day? A trustworthy listener to lean on who won’t tell you to “get over it”? A soft friend to hug?

Are you looking for a little project to keep your hands busy and your mind relaxed while on your way to work?

Maybe you love putting on cat ears and sip coffee while getting some crafting done.

Or maybe under your dark appearance, you’ve got a sweet pink heart.


You've come to the right place!


Let’s face it.

Life can get overwhelming.

Before you’re even aware, you’re feeling anxious, worried, sad, or (yikes!) bored. You slip down the dark rabbit hole, and stop taking care of yourself.

You're not alone!

I'm not a therapist, nor do I play one on TV...

…but I’ve spent many years with a few of them after going down the rabbit hole that is depression more times than I count.


Through all the low points, there was one thing that helped keep my mind at ease: crafting and making things.


Creating things has been my constant guiding light through dark and changing times–the one thing that remains stable.


There’s something profoundly satisfying about a finished project, whether it’s sewing on a button on your favorite jacket or finishing a pair of socks.The feeling of accomplishment never changes.


Through each project, you learn problem-solving skills and develop patience. Even awareness.


With practice, you’ll be able to apply these skills to your daily life.

Here, we don't care about perfection but in bringing back joy into your life.

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