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by Anja
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You only fail if you stop trying.

I don’t know who said that quote, so I’m sorry if I’m not giving credit. I have tried for what seems an eternity to start blogging again. Back in the day, when blogging was far more popular, I had a nice little blog that had a few visitors, but as the blogging fever died, so did my blog and social media took its place. I’m not a big fan of social media and even though I spend time on some platforms I do miss all that a blog can give you: more than 140 characters to write, rant, share; a place far away from the memes and those annoying “if you don’t share this, you’ll have seven unlucky years” posts that are repeated ad nauseam. I just can’t shake the feeling that the more we are connected to social media, the lonelier we become. But hey, that’s just me. You might like it and feel some connection to someone out there and that’s great.

I have tried to connect to others through forums, mostly craft related, but I still feel like a complete outsider there. And now, I’m probably just talking to myself anyway and that’s fine as well. I need an outlet or I’ll just wither away like those poor succulents in my garden (yes! I have managed to kill a cactus, if you can believe that). I’m starting this again for the one hundred time and I will do my best to stick with it. I don’t have a concrete plan, yet, but I believe this time I will stick with it (please, please, lovely Universe, help me stick with it! ??).

Oh, by the way, I’m Anja, I live in central Mexico and I love to knit and sew and, every now and then, crochet and play with beads. I live with a human, seven cats (I guess that makes me a licensed cat lady) and one royal eagle (she’s a parrot, really). In a previous life I was a graphic designer, a teacher, a literature student, now I’m trying to run a business.

English is not my first language (it’s really German, but I write it terribly because my Spanish gets in the way), so you’ll have to excuse my not so perfect writing and my out-of-place punctuation. Hopefully, all this will get better as my blogging progresses.

I’ve been sewing for the past four or five years, knitting for the past three (What? It’s been three already? ?) and taking classes online ever since. I will try to share as best I can what I know and what I don’t in the hopes that some of it might be of interest and help to you, if you ever land here. While this happens, this will be my little project diary.

It’s Saturday and all I want right now is some popcorn, Netflix and knit some socks. I’ll see you later.

Have a great one!


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