Perfectionists and lace don’t match

by Anja


I haven’t knitted many lace patterns. I still have too much respect for lace, mostly because I get distracted easily and miss a yarn over and a k2tog… and, being the perfectionist that I’m trying very hard to let go of, I frog my work to get it right and start all over.

I recently started “Lelly” by Martina Behm. It’s a beautiful shawl/poncho that you can also wrap around your neck if you feel like it, the perfect three in one accessory for warm, sunny days. I decided to use 100% cotton (ONLine’s Sandy) because with our hot  weather there is no use for Alpaca with a T-Shirt.

There I was, on Saturday afternoon, moving along with my knitting until I noticed a huge mistake: my lace borders where all wrong! Instead of doing the k1, yo k2tog [repeat until end], I did k1 yo k2tog [repeat until end]. Argh!

Now, I don’t blame the designer. No. Her pattern is well written. It was me and my distractions (can you really knit lace while watching Better Call Saul?) that completely changed the border at the bottom and on the right.

What does an incurable perfectionist do? She frogs the whole thing and starts again. Of course now, I’m forced to pay more attention so my wrists won’t have to pay for my mistakes. You live, you learn… and you realize it’s time to take that Laura Nelkin class on fixing lace mistakes. ?

Are you a perfectionst? How do you deal with it? Is it a blessing, a curse? Let me know in the comments.


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