Drawing Mandalas

by Anja

I have a confession to make: I don’t know how to draw. Yep, you read that right. This is something I am very embarrassed about, especially because I studied Graphic Design in college and this is something I should know how to do.

I took all the obligatory classes that I had to take but, as DH puts it, I have a block that I could never ever really get rid of. I think, deep down, he is right. I always feel, when I finish a drawing , that a first grader made it and that adds to my frustration. Why can’t I draw more realistic cats? Why do they always end up looking like little doodles? Why is it so difficult to draw a simple human face? I still am not sure.

I stopped doodling and drawing for a couple of years, probably during the time I started knitting and sewing. I gave it a try again while designing the logo for my products, but it was a painful progress. Each time I drew a line, the perfectionist in me would just laugh at how silly it all looked. Somehow, I managed to create a decent logo, that I was happy with, after a year or so.

Recently, I started drawing Mandalas. I love geometric figures and symmetry, I also love using black markers. I must say that, so far, the experience has been good because my inner critic keeps quiet and you can’t mess up a Mandala… ever. I know they may not look perfect but seeing every single line on that paper makes me happy and that is an accomplishment.

Is there something you always wanted to try and finally did, even if the results weren’t perfect?

Have a great weekend,


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