Feeling stressed? Coloring is good for you

by Anja

There’s nothing worse than spending a whole afternoon stuck in bumper to bumper traffic while roasting in a 86 degree heat. Once you make it home, you’re grumpy and annoyed. All you really want is to throw yourself on the bed or sofa and binge watch “Stranger Things”.

I hear you, I’ve been there watching episode after episode, getting lost for hours but still feeling drained and stressed.

Coloring pages


My solution? Coloring!

Now, don’t look at me with those scared eyes and say “but, Anja, coloring is for CHILDREN”, “but, Anja, I’ve always been unable to color between the lines”, “but, Anja, I have no pencils”.

If you have no pencils, ask your kid to lend you his/hers. If you don’t have a kid nor an artistic background, go out and buy some. You don’t need fancy ones nor do you need a big  box. For a start, 12 pencils are more than enough. Go on. I’ll wait…

Good! You’re back! See? That wasn’t so difficult. Coloring is even easier and very good for you.

Did you know that coloring helps you relax and keeps you away from those annoying Facebook posts that make you crabby? That it activates the creative side of your brain? This means that the judgemental side of your brain that keeps scolding you for forgetting the milk will shut up for a while. How can’t that be good? That it’s also a form of active meditation?

You know that mindfulness is all the rage now but you haven’t tried it because the voices in your brain won’t stay quiet. I get it. I’ve been there. Meditation is tricky. Coloring isn’t. It will make you focus. Be in the now. Be mindful without having to listen to your breath but stare at pretty colors instead. And you know what that means? NO MORE STRESS.

That sounds awesome!! Right?

Who cares if you skipped a line or your colors don’t match. Just grab those pencils, color, let go and have fun. After one page, you’ll feel better.

Want to give it a try? I have a coloring book in my Etsy shop ready to download and print. Just add color ?

Let me know how you felt after coloring in the comments!


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