The 1 Year of Stitches Challenge

by Anja

It always seems so easy during the first days of January to join the latest challenge on social media. You make the firm commitment to start fresh, be more spontaneous and try something entirely different to get those creative juices flowing.

You get your camera out, maybe even buy fancy apps for your phone to make your daily pictures look artsy enough for Instagram, or buy a new art journal and some pretty new pencils or watercolors because this year you’ll finally start a daily art practice.

It goes very well during the first week. You feel enthusiastic about the results and you’re getting tons of love and comments on social media. By week two you skip a day, maybe even two.

And then…

By week three you give up entirely and tell yourself “next year I’ll join another challenge, this one doesn’t suit me as well as I thought”.

Yep. I get you. I’ve been there too many times to even count. Somehow real life takes over and any creative endeavor is left on the back burner.

2017… a new challenge

This year, my friend Jaime invited me to a daily embroidery stitch challenge on Instagram, because she knows I like to embroider and thought it was a cool idea to do this together.

I did hesitate at first because of my lousy track record. But then I just thought “what the heck” out loud (because being home alone most of the day I talk an awful amount of time to myself), “maybe this is the year I’ll finally finish a challenge”.

Of course, any challenge wouldn’t be one if I didn’t start with a few bumps. I began on the 3rd instead of the very first day, which meant that I had to get stitching right away unless I wanted to drag behind everyone else.

To keep myself accountable and to have a slightly better chance at finishing the year with what I hope to be a neat project, I’ll be posting my weekly progress on the blog and on Instagram.

If this sounds like an interesting project for you and you’d like to join us, find out more at Brown Paper Bag as well as on Facebook.

Have you participated in any other challenges? Did you finish? If you didn’t, why not? I’d love to know. Share in the comments.




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