Things I won’t give a crap about anymore

by Anja
Maya Angelou Quote

Can you believe the third (!) week of January is over?! Can you believe the first month of the year is almost a memory?

I don’t know about you, but it has been a bit difficult to get back into the swing of things. I certainly haven’t been spending time looking at my belly button or binge watching Netflix (Travelers looks like a fine sci-fi show, btw) but life has happened since January 1st.

I certainly didn’t plan on having personal issues blowing up around me but they did, and now I’m doing my best to clean up the mess. I won’t lie. It’s exhausting. Especially when they’ve been lurking under the surface waiting for the exact and unexpected moment to show their ugly faces.

When these curve-balls come flying in I get anxious, scared and all I want is to crawl under my crocheted blanket with a warm cat by my side and an endless supply of ginger & lemon tea. But… that doesn’t make the problem go away. No. It’s still there, hiding under the sofa ready to grab me by the feet the moment I get up.

Most of these issues happen because I care too much about almost everything. Hey, I’m human, I have a heart that will beat until my time on this crazy blue dot runs out, but it’s a heart that breaks too easily as well. Blame my sensitive nature that makes me cry when I see an abandoned or abused cat, or angry when I see injustice. I can’t help it and it makes me miserable.

So, while trying to figure out a way to solve my problems and get out of this rut that I’ve been in for sooooo many years, I’ve been reading Mark Manson’s *The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**ck: A counter-intuitive approach to living a good life* for the past week.

What an eye opener!

I’ve realized that I spend/waste too much time with things I can’t control like the news, politics, the state of the world and so on, but I can choose to control how I react to it.

These things are really not worth my energy or short time on Earth, they are not worth giving a f*ck about because they don’t add anything to my life in the long run but fear and anxiety.

Maya Angelou QuoteThe other thing Manson suggests is measuring oneself not as a lightning rod or as a ginormous failure, but as something far more mundane, to choose simplicity over grandeur, to give up a sense of entitlement and stop acting like a victim, to change how you measure failure and success.

How often do we fall into the trap of trying to emulate someone else’s success only to feel miserable when we fail. All we really need to do is be ourselves, live the life meant for us.

Manson says, “true happiness occurs only when you find the problems you enjoy having and enjoy solving.” What problems are those? you ask.

For me, it’s creating. It doesn’t matter what: a knitted blanket, a sewn bag, Mandalas, a mug for special moments, even a wonky cake. I really have no preference as long as I get lost in the flow of doing something creative, which in turn keeps me motivated.

This year I choose to ignore midnight tweets of rage and things I’ve little control over but instead I’ll focus on my family (human and feline), my mental and physical health, my friends and on the beautiful act of creating. When my life reaches its last page, I want to leave this planet feeling happy with a luggage full of the little and big things that really mattered. Those will be worth remembering!

What will YOU focus on? Which problems will YOU have and solve?

In the spirit of shifting attitudes and trying my best in becoming a better human being, I made a new printable for you to enjoy. Print it on your favorite paper, frame it, keep it close to you when need a kick in the butt. Download it here.


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