5 Rock Star Knitters you need to follow

by Anja
Five Rock Star Knitter You Need To Follow

I don’t know if it’s Winter, the super early Spring weather (we had 26˚C/79˚F for the past three days) or the annual return of my seasonal allergies but I’ve fallen victim to the dreaded brain fog and the only thing that keeps my brain from utter disintegration is knitting. That, and mindlessly thumbing through Instagram posts.

The latest craze or challenge I’ve stumbled upon (don’t worry I’m not going to do another one) is the #yarnlovechallenge where knitters post a picture related to the day’s theme. It’s been pretty interesting to see what my favorite knitters have posted so far and a wonderful way of getting to know them a little better.

My top 5

If you are new to the knitting world here are my favorite knitting accounts to follow on Instagram:

Kate Atherley, kateatherleyknits
If it wasn’t for her Custom Socks book, I would’ve given up on sock knitting long ago. Her book has all the math figured out to knit a perfect fitting sock and it works like magic!

Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, yarnharlot
Probably the funniest knitter I’ve read. If you have a knitting addiction, do yourself a favor and read At Knit’s End or her blog, you’ll laugh out loud many times. Just be careful not to drop any stitches!

Laura Nelkin, lauranelkin
I first found Laura on Craftsy where she teaches how to knit and fix shawls, among a few other classes. Her energy is contagious and all I want to do is KNIT ALL THE SHAWLS! If only I had an endless supply of money to buy tons of yarn. Laura’s knitwear is fabulous and I’m looking forward to work on one of her projects as soon as the right yarn comes along.

A photo posted by laura nelkin (@lauranelkin) on

Clara Parkes, claraparkes
Not only is Clara a talented knitter, she’s also a gifted writer. Knitlandia is her New York Times bestselling book packed with knitting adventures in faraway countries; the Naked Lopi chapter is especially hilarious. Clara also has her own line of yarn and some wonderful classes on Craftsy to help you bust your yarn stash.

A photo posted by Clara Parkes (@claraparkes) on

Franklin Habit, franklin.habit
Yes, men knit too! Franklin does amazing work in lace and color work. He has published a coloring book I dream of yarn, collects vintage items and has brought Ethel back to life. Who’s Ethel you ask? Go to his feed to find out!

Who are your favorite knitters? Whose work would you love to knit and wear? I’d love to know! Share in the comments.



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