Make a Mini Terrarium in less than 10 minutes

by Anja
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Back in August, I built a closed terrarium in a big jar with a Spider plant and a Violet. I haven’t watered them since, and they happily keep growing. I am fascinated by the water cycle happening in this closed environment: sometimes it’s dry, often it starts “raining”, all while new plants begin to grow.

On my usual trip to the fabric store, I took a walk through the glassware section and found a tiny bottle. I wanted to use it as a mini terrarium to try to grow a Venus Fly Trap from seeds I’ve had for some time.

What you’ll need for the terrarium

Making a Terrarium is surprisingly easy, and you only need a few ingredients to help it thrive:

Terrarium Pieces

First, you’ll add a few stones for drainage and a piece of charcoal to produce carbon dioxide at the bottom, then a layer of soil, and finally a favorite plant. I recommend plants that can thrive in a moist indoor environment.

For this mini terrarium, I chose to add moss because of the limited space in the bottle. I did, however, add a Venus Fly Trap seed in the hopes that it will hatch in the humid environment.

Once you’ve layered all components, use a spray bottle to add enough water to moisten the soil. Make sure it doesn’t get too muddy.

Close it up and place it close to a light source. A window sill is perfect for your terrarium.

That’s it! Pretty easy, right?

Check the soil moisture occasionally. If it looks dry, water it with a spray bottle.

I’d love to see what terrariums you’ll create. Feel free to share them in the comments below!
Finished Terrarium


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