Sew a Catnip Heart for your Kitty

Sew a Catnip Heart for your Kitty

by Anja
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My cats play with anything they can get their paws on. Sometimes they love to play with a package label. Other times they love hanging out in a box. All of them love catnip.

I bought a catnip plant a few months ago to have a steady supply for my cats. Catnip is resistant, though I sometimes forget to water it, it hasn’t died so far. It also grows very quickly. For the past months, I’ve collected a lot. After letting it air dry for a few weeks, the herb is finally ready for some toys.

Today, I’m sharing a step-by-step guide to sewing a toy for your kitty.

Materials you’ll need for the catnip toy

Materials Catnip Heart

You’ll also need a sewing machine, a sewing needle, thread, and cotton or polyester filling.

Step 1

Trace a heart on the fabric. I have sewn fishes in the past, but I wanted something easier this time around.

Trace design on fabric

Trace design on fabric

Step 2

Sew over the marked line. I used a straight stitch with a 4.0 length.

Start sewing

Sew over the marked line. Let your cat silently judge your curved stitches.

Step 3

Use pinking shears to cut around the seam. Turn the fabric inside out.

Cut fabric

Cut around the seam. Turn fabric inside out.

Step 4

Stuff heart with filling and catnip.


Before you add the catnip to the heart, I strongly recommend getting your cat(s) out of the room. Depending on how sensitive they are to catnip, they will do their best to hinder your work ?

I didn’t do it, and this happened…

Step 5

Hand sew with ladder stitch to close heart. If you don’t know the ladder stitch, check out this blog post.

Ladder stitch

Step 6

Give to the cat. Watch hilarity ensue.


If you enjoyed this quick tutorial or have any questions, drop me a line in the comments.

Stay weird!


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