Recycle: Make Cotton Face Pads from an old T-Shirt

by Anja
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I have a bag full of old T-Shirts. Yes, I have a problem getting rid of things. Usually, when I throw something out, I’ll probably need it later so it stays. I know Marie Kondo would be disgusted and disappointed in me but I’m trying to get rid of it and what a better way to do it than recycling some of them and making reusable cotton face pads.

This year I want to produce less waste and I’m starting with those pretty cotton face pads I use every morning. Using one per day to throw it in the trash is not cost-effective or good for the planet.

I previously purchased crocheted face pads but wasn’t very happy with them because they didn’t absorb liquids very well, so I finally grabbed my bag full of old shirts to make my own face pads that I’d be able to throw in the laundry over and over again until they’re no longer useful.

Making cotton face pads is super easy if you have a sewing machine.

Step 1

Trace as many circles on your T-shirt as you can fit. For this, I used the lid of a jar and my trusty disappearing ink pen.

Step 2

Pin each circle.

Step 3

Cut each circle. Now is not the time to be a perfectionist while working with knit fabrics.

Step 4

I used the Overcasting Foot that came with my sewing machine and the Overcasting Stitch with the default settings.

Overcasting Settings

Start sewing the edges of all fabric circles.

That’s it! Don’t worry if they don’t look perfect, they’re not supposed to look like a work of art.

Cotton Face Pads from old T-Shirts

Be proud of yourself! Not only are you doing your part in saving the planet, but you are also saving some money and that is a good thing!

Stay weird!


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