Fridacatina is ready for wonderful and exciting adventures

by Anja
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Whenever I read comments under a Frida Kahlo related post, there are always one or two that show disdain for her.

Most comments focus on her paintings not being groundbreaking or of quality compared to the ones by her contemporaries Remedios Varo and Leonora Carrington. Others believe that Diego Rivera finished most of her paintings, calling her inauthentic.

Many others are irritated when she’s labeled a feminist while staying in a toxic relationship with Diego, which she kept pursuing once they divorced.

The love-hate relationship with Frida is still alive and well, but that doesn’t stop her face and her art from being everywhere. Even 65 years after her death, people remain fascinated by her.

I always related to Frida through her pain.

I could see the sadness in her eyes in almost all of her paintings and feel the heartbreak of losing Diego through her letters.

But I could also see the resilience in her work as well as the love she had for Mexican culture no matter how bright or dark it could be.

Fridacatina detail

Fridacatina up close

With her dove-shaped eyebrow, Frida didn’t give a crap about beauty standards. Her wardrobe adopted the style of her indigenous roots and made it her own. She was a free spirit trapped in a bruised and broken body.

After creating the Sugar Skull Cat for The Day of The Dead (my favorite holiday), it was finally time to sew my little happy tribute to Frida.

But which dress would I choose for my tribute?

Though I’ve previously sewn a dress for myself, I had no experience creating tiny clothes for dolls.

Recreating Frida’s famous Tehuana dress looked too complicated with the intricate floral embroidery. I needed to start with something simpler yet still authentic, something from her closet.

Luckily, I remembered that some years ago I purchased the book El Ropero de Frida by Denise Rosenzweig. It features all the wardrobe she owned, including the prosthetic leg and the corset she wore.


I chose a simple dress, knowing that I would find the fabric easily at the store. Like the Sugar Skull Cat, I made Fridacatina from cotton fabric and hand-embroidered her eyes. Her famous brow is sewn on. On her head rests a felt flower arrangement in bright colors. Around her neck, she wears a simple golden necklace.

Meet Fridacatina

Fridacatina by Cat & Raven

Fridacatina loves spending time outside, looking for new adventures and beautiful flowers to collect. Lavender is her favorite. She likes to sit underneath a Jacaranda tree while dreaming of the original paintings she’ll create.

Fridacatina is the second collectible doll I created. I hope you enjoy her company as much as I enjoyed helping her come to life.

If you want to take her on your adventures, she’s available for purchase in my shop.

Stay weird!


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