How to make a Succulent Terrarium

by Anja
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Succulents are the darlings of gardening.

They’re resilient and easy to take care of. And no matter how challenged your green thumb is, succulents aren’t easy to kill.

They also make great gifts and decorations.

On today’s post, I’ll show you how to make a succulent terrarium.

What you’ll need

Succulent Terrarium Supplies

I used a fishbowl as a container, but you can use jars or vases as well.

Step 1

Succulents need good drainage to avoid rotting roots. Start by adding a layer of stones at the bottom of the bowl. Make a circle by sliding the pebbles up the sides. This has two purposes: to hide the soil and to create drainage.

Step 1 Layering

Layer pebbles around the sides.

Step 2

Add a layer of soil. Barely cover the pebbles on the sides.
The potting mix I use for this step has some leaves and pine needles for better drainage.

The opening of the container will determine how to layer and place the soil, stones, and succulents. If the terrarium has an opening at the front, you’ll have to layer everything from back to front, top to bottom. If it opens on top, you’ll layer from the center to the sides.

Step 2 Add soil

Add soil for drainage.

Step 3

Moisten the succulent soil mix before adding it to the bowl. Pile it up at the center. Make sure it’s about an inch high on the sides.

Step 3 Add soil mix

Add soil mix and make sure to keep it an inch high.

Step 4

Plant your succulents. Choose ones that grow slowly or remain small for a more extended period. I recommend adding no more than four, so they have space to grow.

Step 4 Plant Succulents

Plant succulents.

Step 5

Carefully add decorative stones and pebbles. For this step, you can use a spoon to put them in specific areas. Tweezers are also a great way to move cobbles around or place them around the succulents.

Step 5 Add decorative stones

Add decorative stones and pebbles.

Now is the time to get creative. Layer the soil to create a slope or build a tiny stone mountain. Depending on the size of your container, you can also add décor to make it pop. Pinterest is full of ideas!

You did it! Enjoy your new Succulent Terrarium!

Finished terrarium


Now that you’re finished water the succulents sparingly. After that, water them every week. If you added cacti to your terrarium, water them every two weeks. If you notice an excess of humidity in your terrarium, leave it outside for a few hours in the morning sun.

A quick note: Succulents thrive in open terrariums. If you want to create a closed one in a jar or bottle, click here.

I’d love to see your finished terrariums. Share them in the comments!

Stay weird,


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