Why I make handmade dolls

by Anja
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I didn’t want to go to the craft fair.

It had been a while since I’d worked on new things and I didn’t have enough items to take with me. Not even new handmade dolls.

I wasn’t feeling it.

But the Universe kept nudging me to go. So on a Saturday morning, I packed my car and went on my merry way.

Since the fair is relatively new, it still doesn’t get many visitors. The hours can get long and tedious, especially when there are no sales.

So there I was, watching the clock advance slowly, hoping my Sashiko project would keep me busy until it was time to pack up my stuff again.

Now and then, someone stopped and looked at my dolls. Then they moved on to the next booth. Nice shot, Universe.

And then, it happened.

A little girl and her mom stopped in front of my small booth.

“I want the red kitty, mom!” she started jumping up and down. “It’s so pretty!”


Kids have purchased from me before, but I’ve never seen one as excited as her. It was such a precious sight.

Her mother obliged, and I gave the cat to her daughter. She hugged it immediately and ran off to play with her new best friend.

I immediately went back to my childhood when I got sick with mumps.

I don’t remember much of the unpleasantness nor how many days I had to stay at home. Or how my face became disfigured and looked like a square.

What I do remember is that a dear friend of my mom gifted me a doll.

It was a simple cloth doll with a white dress and white undies and light brown hair. She had a pair of flowers stitched on her head and tiny eyelashes. She was soft too.

Morgan doll

I named the doll “my little one.” She helped my introvert self get through many lonely days.

As long as she was around, I felt safe. We went through many adventures, laughed, cried together until our paths separated, and cats replaced dolls.

Life has not been easy for me for the past few years. It still isn’t. Sometimes, when days are too dark and gray, I remember my doll.

I saw her running around with her kitty a few more times.

I hope that little girl finds a beautiful childhood companion in this red cat and they share tons of adventures and even happier times.

That day, I only earned back the cost of my booth. But, boy! That little smile was worth the price of admission.

And that little moment is the reason why I make handmade dolls.

Do you remember your favorite childhood toy? Why was it so unique to you? Share in the comments!

Stay weird!


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