The Best Way to Make a Zipper Pouch

The Best Way to Make a Zipper Pouch

by Anja
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You can never have enough pouches. It doesn’t matter how big or small they are; they can go anywhere with you and keep all your things in one place.

If you ever wanted to make your zipper pouch to adjust it to your needs, but the thought of sewing in a zipper scared the hell out of you, fear no more.

I’m going to show you how to assemble a simple zipper pouch in 30 minutes or less.

What you’ll need


If you plan to use denim, canvas, or another thicker fabric, you’ll also need a sharper needle. A 16/100 needle for denim or leather will get the job done.

Step 1

Cut four 11 by 6.5 inches pieces of fabric: you’ll have two for the exterior and two for the lining.
If you want to add interfacing or fusible fleece, cut two more pieces.

Cut fabric pieces

Step 2

Iron the fleece or interface to the exterior fabric. Use a low heat setting.

Fuse fleece

Step 3

On the bottom corner of each piece, mark a 1½” square.

Mark corners

Step 4

Cut out the squares on all fabric pieces.

Cut out corners

Step 5

Cut two 1½” by 4″ fabric pieces. I used the same fabric as the lining to create a contrast. Fold them in half, then make a ¼” fold on each side, as shown below. These two pieces will case the zipper.

Zipper casing

Step 6

For this project, I’m using an 8″ metal zipper. If you’re a zipper newbie, I recommend a plastic one as they are much easier to handle. Attach the casings around the zipper ends and topstitch at ⅛”. Cut off excess thread.

Topstitch zipper casing

Step 7

With the exterior fabric facing up, align the zipper face down with the top. Place the lining fabric right side facing down and align it with the top as well. Pin or clip together.

Align zipper with fabric

Using the zipper presser foot, attach all pieces.

Sew zipper

Step 9

Your first attached pieces should look like the picture below.

Repeat the same process for the other side.

Attached zipper

Step 10

Iron the fabric around the zipper, so it lays as flat as possible. If you’re using a plastic zipper, use a low temperature to avoid melting the teeth.

Topstitch each side.

Iron and topstitch

Step 11

Align the exterior and lining pieces. Leave a 3″ opening on the bottom of the pouch to turn it inside out. Sew along the marked lines. Use a ¼” seam allowance.

Align each piece

Box each corner by aligning the openings, and sew them together with a ¼” seam allowance.

Box the corners

Step 12 – Your zipper pouch is almost done!

Turn the pouch inside out. With a point turner or sushi stick, push all the corners of the exterior fabric out.

Pin or clip the opening together, and topstitch it for an easy finish. If you want to hide stitches, you can use the ladder stitch to close the seam.

Turn pouch inside out

You did it! Your new pouch is ready to use.

Finished zipper pouch

If you have any questions about this project, feel free to post them in the comments.

Stay weird!


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