Make Easy and Merry Christmas Napkins

by Anja
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Can you believe that Christmas is almost around the corner? Where did time go? Where did the decade go?

Have you done your Christmas shopping? Do you have all the presents wrapped?

Maybe you’re currently planning your Christmas dinner menu and how you’re going to set up the table.

For this season, I’ve got a perfect project you can show off on your dinner table: a simple embroidered napkin.

What you’ll need for the Christmas Napkins

Supplies for Christmas Napkins

To make the napkins, you’ll need cotton or linen fabric cut in 17 x 17-inch squares, sewing machine thread, a fabric marker, and embroidery floss. For this project, I used Anchor thread in 245 Green, 19 Red, and 306 Golden Yellow.

If you already have linen napkins at home that you’ve kept for a special occasion, you can skip this step and go to the next section.

Make the napkin

🚨 Remember to wash and dry the fabric before starting any project.

Christmas Napkin, steps 1-3

From left to right: Step 1 – Step 2 – Step 3

Step 1

Fold and press all raw sides, 1/2 inches towards the wrong side of the fabric. Fold the edges another 1/2 inches towards the wrong side and press.

You’ll be folding each side two times.

Step 2

Unfold the edges at one corner. Fold the corner so that each side measures 1 inch. Press it.

Step 3

Unfold it and trace the crease with a fabric marker. I used a water-soluble one.

Make a Christmas Napkin, Steps 4 to 6

From the left to right: Step 4 – Step 5 – Step 6

Step 4

Fold the corner, right sides together. Make sure the ends of the marker line meet. Pin or clip into place.

Step 5

Sew along the marked line, backstitching at the beginning and end of the seam.

Step 6

Clip the corner, leaving a 1/8-inch seam allowance.

Christmas Napkin, Steps 7 to 8

Left to right: Step 7 – Step 8

Step 7

Refold the second fold, inverting the mitered corner. Press and pin into place.

Repeat steps 1 to 7 for all corners.

Step 8

Edgestitch the fold on all sides. Backstitch at the beginning and end of the seam. I used a red thread for contrast, but you can use any color you want.

Embroider the Christmas Napkins

Using a lightbox or taping the design to a window, trace the image onto the fabric with a pencil or a fabric marker.

Trace the pattern

Trace the pattern

The stems

Stem Stitch

Stem Stitch

Using three strands of yellow embroidery thread begin by stitching the stems using the Stem Stitch. Come up through the fabric and go back half a stitch length. Make sure the loop of thread stays below the needle. Repeat until finished.

Click here for further instructions on how to do the Stem Stitch.

The Holly

French Knot

French Knot

For the Hollys, use three strands of red floss. Come up through the fabric and wrap the thread three times around the needle, as shown in the image above.

To make the French Knot, insert the needle close to the first stitch and pull it through. For further instructions on how to do the French Knot, click here.

Lazy Daisy

Lazy Daisy

The leaves

Stitch the leaves using three strands of green thread. Come up through the fabric, then insert the needle back into the same stitch.

Create a loop under the needle. Pull the needle through.

Insert the needle directly above the stitch. Pull tight.

For further instructions to embroider the Lazy Daisy stitch, click here.

Finished Christmas Napkin

Finished Christmas Napkin

Pat yourself on the back! Your Christmas Napkins are ready to decorate your dinner table!

To download the pattern, click here.

I’d love to see your finished pieces! Tag me on Instagram to let me know!

Have a wonderful Christmas!


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