Don’t plan the next decade, do this instead.

by Anja
Don't plan your next decade

Are you tired of hearing that the end of the decade is coming as much as I am?

I didn’t even think about it until I started to get reminders all over social media. “Do your decade in review list!” “Plan your next ten years to succeed!” and so on. Ugh! Stop it already!


They look like great activities, but it got me thinking if I wanted to look back at the past then years.

I didn’t.

Though I had good times, my past ten years look more like a failure. I failed at my business, I failed at my partnership, I failed at creating life and becoming a mother, and I spent most of that time struggling with depression.

Why the hell would I want to be reminded of THAT?

Am I making plans for the next ten?

Oh, hell, no!

If there’s one thing I learned the hard way in this decade, it’s that life can dramatically change from one day to the next. For some, these changes can be very painful.

Some things take more time, even superhuman effort to rebuild than others. Some of those carefully drawn out plans end up in a trash pile never to be seen again.

As my guru, Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche, says: “Remind yourself that life is like the wave of an ocean, or like the stock market—it comes up, it goes down. You cannot always achieve what you want; it’s impossible. You might not always fail, either. So if you balance your expectations and are at peace, whatever you do will naturally become more successful.”

Don’t plan out your next ten years of your life.

Plan the next decade

Live in the Now instead, because neither you nor I have any control of what can happen. And that’s ok. That’s life.

For the next decade, be kind and compassionate to those around you, leave a positive mark with the people you encounter along the way. Focus on becoming a better human being, day after day, so that when you look back in ten years, you’ll be at peace knowing you did your best.

How you’ll leave a mark on this tiny blue dot is worth far more than all the money in the world.

As for me, I’m quite content with planning my next six months -loosely, I might add. I’ll let the tide guide my way.

If you’re not sure how to live in the Now, I recommend “The Joy of Living” by Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche, and “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle. Both books have changed how I approach the day.

How about you? Do you plan everything out or do you go with the flow? Let me know in the comments.

Stay weird!


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