I’m Mad as Hell

by Anja
Women Purple

A quick heads-up. The topic of this blog post/rant, as well as the external links, may be distressing to you. Please practice self-care.

I’m angry. 

Not at you, of course.

I’m angry at the rampant gender violence that seems to have taken over Mexico in the past months. The numbers are shocking: every 2.5 hours (!), a woman loses her life, four children die daily.

I’m angry that Ingrid lost her life at the hands of her boyfriend. Disgusted at the tabloid that printed her tortured body on the front page, like an object. Mad at the school authorities who failed 7-year-old Fátima and handed her over to her killers. Why? Because her mother was late to pick her up after class.

I’m angry that the people in power don’t care about ensuring women’s safety, and are all words and no actions. Mad at their lack of empathy towards the victims and their families.

I’m not the only one.

On Monday, March 9th, we’ll stay home. We’ll disappear from public life, from workspaces, and by our absence, we hope to make ourselves noticed and force the people at the top to act and keep us safe.

Still I'll rise

But it’s not enough to stay home or go out to march.

I’ve previously shared with my tribe that I want to help women and girls empower themselves. Self-defense classes, which helped me immensely when I felt vulnerable, seem like an excellent way to do so.

I realize this is a huge task. I’m not Wonder Woman. I’m barely capable of making dolls, writing blog posts, updating social media, doing marketing while keeping my shit together.

To teach self-defense, I need a certificate. Becoming a teacher takes time and a lot of money that I don’t have at the moment. Taking on an extra activity is too overwhelming at this point, and I don’t want to half-ass something as crucial as this. Still, I feel it’s urgent to help empower women not only in Mexico but all over the world.

Girls and women in the farthest corners of the world deserve to be heard and seen, discover what they’re meant to do on this planet,  and share their gifts. Be beacons of light to their communities. They deserve to walk in peace and make it back home alive and unharmed.

At this time, it’s easier for me to donate part of my sales to NGOs focused on empowerment, equality, and women’s rights. They have the logistics, resources, human power, and time to help those who need it most.

Maybe doll by doll, project by project we can begin to change their worlds.

You, me, we owe it to our sisters.

If you’ve made it this far, I thank you for reading this rant, friend. 

I know this subject is not pretty, cute, or fluffy.

It’s uncomfortable.

A few years ago, I didn’t give it much thought because violence was so far away from me. I can no longer sit, watch, and wait for changes to happen. That time is gone. I only hope it’s not too late to restore the light we’ve lost along the way.

Stay weird!


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