Make a Simple and Quick Mug Cozy

by Anja
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If you’re a coffee lover like me, you probably run to the coffee shop a few times a week. Each cup to-go comes with one cardboard mug cozy that’ll end up in the trash.

We’re all doing our best to reduce waste. Today I’m showing you how to make your own washable, reusable mug cozy that’ll not only help you cut down on waste but also fabric scraps.

What you’ll need to make the Mug Cozy

Mug Cozy Supplies

Step 1

Pin the pattern (you can download it below) onto the fabric. For this project, I used two 13″ x 6″ scraps.
Use scissors or a rotary cutter to cut along the pattern.
Do the same with the Fusible Fleece and cut one piece only, or your cozy will be too thick.

Cut fabric

Using the pattern, cut fabric to size.

Step 2

Place the rough side of the fusible fleece on the wrong side of the fabric. Iron at medium heat.

Step 3

Pin or clip the right sides of the cotton fabric together, leaving an 11/2″ opening on one side.

Cozy Step 3

Pin or clip the right sides together. Leave an opening on one side.

Step 4

Using a 1/4″ seam allowance, sew along the edge of the cozy. Don’t forget to secure your stitches.

Cozy Step 4

Sew the fabric together.

Step 5

With the pinking shears cut along the curves so they’ll lay flat once you turn the fabric. Clip the edges. Be careful not to cut beyond the seam.

Cozy Step 5

Cut edges with pinking shears.

Step 6

Turn the cozy inside out. With a point turner (or a sushi stick), make sure to push out the corners and creases. Iron the mug cozy until all seams are flat.
Close the opening with ladder stitch. If you prefer, you can also sew along the edge at 1/8″ to close.

Cozy Step 6

Turn cozy inside out. Close with ladder stitch.

Step 7

Leaving a 1/8″ space from the edge, place the soft part of the velcro strip and sew it on.
Turn the cozy and sew the rough part of the velcro on the opposite side.

Cozy Step 7

Attach the Velcro strip.

Whew! Your mug cozy is ready!

Finished Mug Cozy

Your finished cozy should look like this.

After all this hard work, you deserve a Hot Cup of Joe. Don’t forget to take your brand new cozy with you!

If you have any questions about this project, feel free to contact me or drop a line in the comments below!

Stay weird!


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