How to stitch a Sashiko Mug Rug

by Anja
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If you’ve been sewing for a while, you probably have fabric scraps from other projects. I’ve got the perfect stash buster project for you, plus you’ll liven up your morning drink and table with a fabulous Sashiko mug rug.

For this project, you’ll be working with the Persimmon. Flower stitch

What you’ll need for the Sashiko mug rug

This project is perfect for fabric scraps. Use cotton, linen, or denim. You’ll also need Sashiko or crochet thread, Sashiko needle, fabric marker, ruler, thread.

Step 1 – Stitch the Persimmon Flower

Cut a 6×6 inch piece of fabric. Trace a 1/4 inch grid. To do this, I use the Frixion pen by Pilot. It has a fine tip and the best part: the ink disappears with an iron.

Sashiko Mug Rug Grid

Step 2

Start by stitching the horizontal rows, as shown in the picture below. You’ll stitch two in the same pattern, then a staggered row.Persimmon Flower 1

Step 3

Continue stitching the vertical rows.Persimmon Flower 1

Step 4

Your finished piece should look like this.

Persimmone Flower Finished

Step 5 – Sew the mug rug

Cut another 6×6 fabric piece. Use contrasting colors if you want. To add body to your mug rug, cut a piece of fusible fleece and iron it on.

Sashiko Mug Rug 04

Step 6

Pin or clip both pieces together.

Sashiko Mug Rug 05

Step 7

Leaving a 2″ opening, use a 1/4 seam allowance and stitch along the edge.

Sashiko Mug Rug 06

Step 8

Trim the corners, be careful not to cut past the stitching. Turn fabric. Close mug rug with ladder stitch.

Trim corners

Your mug rug is ready!

Sashiko Mug Rug

You can adapt the mug rug pattern to make placemats, napkins, or table runners and dress up your dinner table.

I’d love to see your creations. Tag me on Instagram @catandraven.

Stay weird!


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