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by Anja
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I recently made an embroidered banner to memorialize my mom’s favorite cat, Lukas. He appeared out of nowhere on my balcony in 2011 and became part of my cat family.

Of course, I didn’t know that adding a third male to the cat family would be troublesome. Lukas was an Alpha male. And a big cat. I called him a Viking because of his size. He had no respect for the other Alpha male in the house. Fights would frequently erupt, sometimes they ended bloody.

I couldn’t throw Lukas back out, so my mom decided to make him part of her cat family. Fitting in wasn’t easy at first. He loved to chase the girl cats around the house, something my mom didn’t like. Within a few months, Lukas finally felt at home and became my mom’s shadow for the next nine years of his life. Lukas passed away in May.

I wanted to create a small keepsake to remember Lukas. I decided to make an embroidered banner with a few supplies I already had, as most stores were closed.

What you’ll need for the embroidered banner:

Supplies to make a banner

You’ll also need a sewing machine, sewing machine thread (I use Gütermann Sew-All Thread). Small eye bolts for hanging the banner are optional.

Note: Always prewash your fabric.

Step 1

Download the pattern for the banner, and cut your fabric to size.

Cut fabric to size

Cut fabric to size

Step 2

Sew over the edges of your fabric. Use a Zig-Zag or Overcasting stitch for a better finish and to avoid it from unraveling.

Banner - Finish Edges

Finish the edges with a Zig-Zag or Overcasting stitch.

Step 3

Mount the fabric of your choice on the hoop (I used a 6-inch hoop for this project). Make sure it’s taut before tracing the pattern. To find the perfect tracing method for your needs, click here.

Trace the pattern

Trace the pattern

Step 4

Start stitching!

Don’t remember how to do a specific stitch? No worries! Check the Stitch Library for a quick refresher.

Step 5

With the right sides of the banner facing each other, sew along the edge, leaving a 1½” opening on each side. Carefully turn the fabric and iron it. Make sure not to iron over the embroidery.

Sew banner

Sew along the marked lines

Step 6

Cut a stick to 8½” and screw on eye bolts. If you don’t want to use eye bolts, attach a string with a glue gun instead. Wrap it tightly around and wait for the glue to cool off.

Glue string to stick

Glue string to stick

Your banner is ready!

Show it off in your favorite room and celebrate your loyal furry friend.

Cat Banner Lifestyle

I’d love to see your banners! Tag me on Instagram @catandraven.

Stay weird!


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