Meet Beto, the Sleepy Bat Doll

by Anja
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I recently noticed that I hadn’t created a bat doll in my dollmaker years, and with Halloween just a few weeks away, it was the perfect time to work on a new doll.

But I didn’t want to make any doll; I wanted to create a softie with a bit of twist.

After a year and a half of a worldwide pandemic, my sleep patterns have changed. Sleeping through the night has become a rare occasion; getting eight hours of sleep has become a myth.

I’m sure you’re have experienced something similar. Maybe you still are.

Lavender has been one of the things that have helped me to fall asleep. I figured filling a cute new doll with dried lavender would be an excellent addition to a softie and turn it into a therapeutic piece.

I created Beto to help you sleep better. You can learn more about him and find out how to purchase by clicking here.

Make sure to check him out because he won’t be here for long, and he won’t return next year.

Stay weird!


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