Handmade Cat Dolls for the Weird at Heart

Looking for a new soft & colorful friend?

Adopting a handmade cat doll can positively affect people who suffer from anxiety, depression,

or low self-esteem, providing them with emotional well-being regardless of age.



I love walking through the flower fields and listening to Mariachi music while I dream of new worlds.


Every year I guide the souls of all the cats that crossed the Rainbow Bridge back to their loving homes.


On the Day of the Dead, I visit cemeteries to greet the cats that crossed the rainbow, and are on their way back to visit their families.
Star Kat


I came to Earth to learn more about life, nature, love and to make new friends.

Cat & Raven creates limited edition handmade cat dolls & fabric friends.

Each doll is made by hand with hand-embroidered elements and various materials that make them unique and collectible pieces.

They are the perfect companion and emotional support for difficult times.

It doesn’t matter if you are big or small, their mission is to make you smile.

Handmade Cat Dolls for the Weird at Heart 2

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Hi, I'm Anja!

I’m a former Graphic Designer turned Textile Artist and the one-woman show behind Cat & Raven.

Nothing brings me more joy and peace than spending time behind my sewing machine creating new cloth friends and accessories to brighten up your day and space.

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Handmade Cat Dolls for the Weird at Heart 3

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