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Smiling Cat Keychain


This Smiling Cat Keychain is so cute; you won’t want to lose it!

We’ve all misplaced our keys (or your cat pushed them off the table) and wasted valuable time looking for them. But this cat keychain is so adorable that you won’t want to lose it.

At 2.75″ (7 cms) in length, this furry friend fits anywhere. Use it as a keychain or add a happy detail to your bag or backpack to show your love for your favorite cat.

Each cat is hand-painted and embroidered, which makes it one of a kind.

You can choose your favorite or collect all of them!




Smiling Cat Keychain Materials

  • Cotton fabric
  • Fabric paint
  • Cotton embroidery floss
  • Polyester fill
  • Keychain ring

Additional information

Weight .015 kg
Dimensions 7 × 2.5 × 6 cm

Tuxedo Cat, Calico Cat, Tabby Cat


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