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Star-Kat Doll


Greetings, Earthling!

I am Star-Kat, traveler of the Universe.

I’ve traveled many lightyears from a distant galaxy to visit your planet. It’s a unique place to explore, and I find the big cities fascinating with their artificial lights and bright colors.

But it’s your music that I’ve fallen in love with. From the happy to the sad songs, they’ve all taught me so much about you.

I’ve come to Earth to learn more about life, nature, love, and to make new friends.

Will you be my mine?

Star-Kat is a lovingly handmade collectible doll made from cotton fabric.

Some handmade details and colors may vary slightly.

Although Star-Kat enjoys playing with children, he’s not suitable for kids under 3 years of age.


Only 1 left in stock (can be backordered)


Star-Kat’s style is inspired by the glam-rock stars of the 1970s.

I create each cat especially for you. Depending on my workload, a cat will be on its way to you in 3-5 business days.

Before placing your order, please contact me to check for availability. I might have a cat ready to ship.

Star-Kat Details


  • Cotton fabric for the body
  • Lycra for the spacesuit
  • Felt for facial features
  • Cotton embroidery floss
  • Polyfill


  • Approximately 14″ of happiness

I package each cat with care to withstand the journey to its forever home.

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